Thinking about abortion?

If you are considering abortion for your unexpected pregnancy, there are several steps you should take to remain as safe as possible throughout the process. Pregnancy Options Miami has resources available to help you make the best, most informed decision possible.

Abortion Safety Checklist

Abortion is a big decision, and it isn’t one that should be made lightly or without all the appropriate steps taken first. We’ve taken some time to create the abortion safety checklist so that, if you’re considering abortion, you know the information you need to be as safe as possible through the process. At Pregnancy Options Miami, we want to walk with you as you consider the options and make the most empowering choice possible for you.

Abortion Procedures

There are several different types of abortion procedures. As you consider abortion, it’s important to understand the procedure types, as well as the potential side effects of each one. Abortion is a serious medical procedure, and the only way to make the right decision about whether to have one is to be fully informed about them and how they might affect your body.

Abortion Information Consultation

Meet with one of our trained Care Coordinators for an abortion information consultation. During this time, you’ll be provided with judgment-free care and fact-based information about the various abortion procedures, the risks, and what goes into the cost of an abortion. An abortion information consultation also gives you the time you need to consider this option without outside pressures or expectations. Please note that we do not perform or refer for abortions. However, we are committed to offering accurate information on risks. Abortion information consultations are offered free and are held under strict confidentiality.

Schedule a Free Appointment

If you are considering abortion for your unexpected pregnancy, there are resources available to help you through the decision-making process. Pregnancy Options Miami offers free and confidential care in a totally judgment-free environment. Schedule your appointment with us today.

We respect your right to privacy. All communication is confidential and all our services are free of charge to you. Please note that we do not perform, recommend or refer our clients for abortions or abortifacients. We provide free pregnancy testing and limited ultrasound along with information regarding abortion procedures and their risks.
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