Free & Confidential Services

At Pregnancy Options Miami, we offer a number of confidential services completely free of charge to women and families facing unexpected pregnancies. With these services, we hope to help you find the answers and resources you need to make the best possible decision for you.

Pregnancy Testing

Whether you’re experiencing any of the pregnancy symptoms or just have a feeling you might be pregnant, the first step to knowing for sure is by taking a pregnancy test. Our lab-quality pregnancy testing method is highly accurate and provides you with your results during your initial appointment.


After a positive pregnancy testing result at our center, we will recommend that you are scheduled for a free Limited OB Ultrasound appointment at our center. An ultrasound is an important next step as it provides you with the information you’ll need like how far along you are and whether your pregnancy is viable.

Options Consultation

Many women who come into our center for initial services aren’t sure what they’re going to do next, and that’s okay! At Pregnancy Options Miami, we offer options consultations to provide you with information about each of your options in order to empower you to make the best decision possible.

Abortion Information Consultation

If you are considering abortion for your unexpected pregnancy, we recommend you come in for a free of charge and judgment-free abortion information consultation. We will discuss the different abortion procedures in depth, as well as the risks, costs, and answer any questions you might have.

Post-Abortion Care

For some women, abortion can cause unexpected emotional effects. At Pregnancy Options Miami, we recognize that these emotional side effects are just as real as the physical ones. If you have experienced an abortion in the past and are suffering from the emotional side effects, our post-abortion care program is for you.


While we want to be able to help you in every way we can, there are some services we are not equipped to provide. In these cases, we will do our best to offer you an excellent referral to get the further assistance you need.

Pregnancy Options Miami is committed to caring for the women in our community by offering free and confidential services to those facing unexpected pregnancies.

Schedule an appointment with our center today for the services you need.

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