Having a friend’s support during a challenging time such as an unexpected pregnancy goes a long way. If you are wondering how to support your friend experiencing an unexpected pregnancy, we want to offer some practical advice!

1. Let Her Know You’re There

Your friend is going through a rollercoaster of emotions right now. She’s probably stressing about what pregnancy decision to make as well, or even how to break the news to her partner or parents. Voicing that you are there for her will mean the world. 

Your friend may even have physical symptoms of pregnancy, like morning sickness and nausea. Having someone to simply comfort and be there can help ease the stress of the situation. Your support matters.

2. Have a Listening Ear

There are so many things to sort out while facing an unexpected pregnancy. Your friend may have questions like…

  • “Will my partner stay with me?”
  • “What will my parents say?”
  • “How will I continue school?”
  • “Who will financially support me?”

If she asks for your advice about her situation, offer your opinion, but be careful not to tell her what to do. Encourage her that this is her decision and that she can indeed make it. 

3. Be Intentional

When it comes to supporting and communicating with your friend facing an unexpected pregnancy, overcommunicating is better than under-communicating! 

Ask her how she’s doing and if she wants to talk, or if she needs anything. Bring her food, flowers, and anything that you know she enjoys. 

We’re Here to Help

We offer a number of pregnancy services for free for women facing unexpected pregnancies. We hope to help you find the answers and resources you need to make the best possible decision for you.

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