While an unexpected pregnancy can cause a lot of uncertainties, telling your parents can feel like one of the biggest hurdles. Whether or not you are close to them, this sort of news can make everything unpredictable.

The good news is you do not have to tell them immediately. You have time to prepare yourself emotionally and gain information to feel more confident going into that conversation.

Read this article for steps you can take to prepare as much as possible for your parents’ potential response.

Confirm Your Pregnancy

If you’re relying on symptoms like a missed period, make sure to follow up with a positive pregnancy test so you avoid raising a false alarm.

Even if you experience several early pregnancy symptoms, a medical-grade test is the only way to confirm your condition.

At Pregnancy Options Miami, we offer free pregnancy tests and can also help you calculate the best time to take the test by counting down from your last missed period.

Prepare Yourself

Once you have a positive pregnancy test, you can eliminate “what if” scenarios and move forward with concrete facts.

But give yourself time to process the news. You don’t have to tell anyone right away. If you have a trusted family member or friend besides your parents, don’t be afraid to contact them for support.

Be kind to yourself and show yourself the same grace and patience you would to a friend in your situation.

Share With Confidence

At Pregnancy Options Miami, we can provide a free, confidential ultrasound to give you essential information like the pregnancy’s gestational age, location, and viability.

You can also schedule an options consultation with us, where you can ask questions and discuss any concerns or options you are interested in exploring before you tell your parents.

We can equip you to share the news with your parents confidently. You are not alone on this journey. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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