If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, sharing the news with those close to you, your boyfriend and family may feel like one of the most difficult hurdles of this journey.

You are not alone! Read this article for some practical steps that can help you prepare to navigate this situation.

Gather the Facts

When you deliver the news, your family or boyfriend will likely want to get more information as soon as possible, such as how far along you are, what steps or health screenings you’ve already followed, and more.

Take a deep breath – this is your experience, and you can choose how and when to share the details. You only owe people an explanation once you feel personally ready and supported. 

In your own time, sharing from a place of confidence can help you when delivering the news. 

At Pregnancy Options Miami, we offer no-cost health screenings, such as pregnancy tests and ultrasounds, that can provide empowering information. An early ultrasound can help determine important details like pregnancy age, location, and status .

These two pieces of information can help you know what procedures you’re eligible for, or what next steps to take.

Evaluate Their Possible Responses

While taking a test or an ultrasound before informing them is helpful, you’ll also want to mentally prepare by considering their different reactions. What is their pattern for reacting to surprising and possibly unwelcome news?

Are they loving and supportive, or are they loud and reactive? 

If there is any history of abuse, communicate the news over the phone, with a friend for support, or in a public place.

Regardless, understand that they may have a strong emotional reaction, so it may take some time for people to digest the news. They may not be able to have a rational conversation right away.

Weigh All Your Options

Whether they are supportive or combative, the decision is yours to make. However, communicating and trying to understand each other is worth the effort. Try communicating with your partner or family to understand each other better. This pregnancy especially affects your partner too.

At Pregnancy Options Miami, we offer no-cost options consultations where you can receive evidence-based education and learn about the different options in a confidential, compassionate environment. We are here to support you, so contact us today!

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