You may feel powerless if you are pregnant and in an abusive relationship, but do not lose hope – you can get out of this situation.

If you need assistance immediately, Call the National Domestic Abuse Hotline at (800)799-7233 for help. 

Read this article for practical steps to find the life of freedom you deserve.

Find Some Place Safe

If your partner has been violent, you and your pregnancy are continually at risk, even if the pattern of abuse is sporadic. 

No matter how your partner makes you feel, you deserve a future without fear.

The most urgent step is to get to a safe location where your partner cannot continue to hurt you, especially since pregnancy makes you more vulnerable. 

Some options are to stay with trusted family or friends who can protect you, find shelter at a local women’s organization that offers support and resources, or get a room at a hotel where your partner won’t know where to find you. 

Removing yourself from anywhere your abusive partner has access to you is crucial for your safety during this time.

Consider Whether or Not to Contact Law Enforcement

If the abuse is physical, and you are in immediate danger, you should seek help immediately. This is undoubtedly a crime, and you are encouraged to report it to law enforcement.

If the crime of physical assault happened recently, you might feel like the last thing you want to do is talk about your experience, but you may regret not reporting it later.

Seek Medical Treatment 

Seeking medical care for physical and mental abuse is vital, especially if pregnant.

Medical professionals are highly trained to respectfully treat survivors of domestic violence without judgment but provide the care that you need and deserve.

Seek Healing & Make a Plan

The path forward depends on your choices, but you have the right to a future without fear, control, or abuse. You have done nothing to deserve abusive treatment. Your well-being and freedom are worth fighting for.

Leaving an abusive partner may seem overwhelming and impossible to navigate right now, yet you are not alone in this struggle. Hope and a brighter future are available to you! 

First and foremost, make a plan that protects your physical and mental health while empowering you to regain control of your own life. This will enable you to start the healing process and reclaim your freedom.

The trained and informed team at Pregnancy Options Miami can help develop a plan and connect you with local resources to assist you with taking back control of your life.

 Please reach out anytime to schedule a consultation! We are ready and eager to walk beside you each step of the way.

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