Pregnancy Options Miami is a medical center where women in an unplanned pregnancy can reach out for help. An unplanned pregnancy might feel like you are emotionally drowning in worries about your future and having an abortion might be the first thing that comes to your mind. At Pregnancy Options Miami you will receive:

Confidential and free services – All these services below are at no cost to you. We believe in encouraging and equipping women to make informed choices and do our best to preserve life.

Pregnancy testing – Pregnancy Options Miami will provide you with a verification of the pregnancy test for each individual with a positive test result. This documentation can be used to apply for state health insurance.

Ultrasound – A positive pregnancy test may be followed by a cost-free obstetrical ultrasound for clients who meet qualifying criteria. An ultrasound helps to confirm the presence of a viable intrauterine pregnancy and estimates number of weeks of pregnancy.

Abortion education – Abortion is a medical procedure. If you are considering abortion get the facts from a trusted source.

Adoption – Deciding to give the baby for adoption doesn’t mean you are giving the away. Choosing adoption allows you to create a Parenting Plan. You can choose the type of plan that is best for you. You can choose the parents and the relationship you’ll have with them and the baby.

Your options – It’s hard to think clearly when you are feeling stressed or anxious about a pregnancy that has come at the wrong time. Before you decide you need to have as much information as possible, it’s your right.

After abortion care – You might be exhibiting symptoms of emotional or psychological stress related to your abortion. At Pregnancy Options Miami, we know that the grief and loss a person may feel after an abortion is seldom acknowledged and can even be repressed or denied. It may have been many years since you had your abortion. However, the sense of loss and guilt may still weigh heavy on your heart. Stop punishing yourself. Pregnancy Options Miami is here to help.

We do not benefit financially off of any decision a patient makes. We believe that women are capable of making their own choices when given accurate information. We acknowledge that our role is to empower women to make informed decisions by providing accurate information about their options; not to judge our patients’ lifestyle, behavior, or decisions. You can follow us on Facebook or call directly at (786) 732-7911 to make your appointment.

We are here for you!

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