Finding out that your girlfriend is unexpectedly pregnant doesn’t mean the world is over, but it can feel like it when you first hear the news. 

Maybe you are worried or overcome with the need to quickly find a solution, such as the cost of prenatal care or an abortion procedure.

Unless you have a legal connection to your girlfriend, most insurance companies will not allow your health insurance to cover her abortion. Adding someone to your healthcare requires them to be a dependent, spouse, or in a civil union.

At Pregnancy Options Miami, we believe that finances should not be a deciding factor in weighing your options, so we offer no-cost pregnancy services such as pregnancy tests and ultrasounds (used for pre-abortion screenings).. 

Your First Step

As you process the news of her pregnancy, feeling alone, overwhelmed, or maybe even frustrated about how this could impact your future is expected. 

Give yourself a few days before you make-up your mind. You don’t have to decide immediately, so removing the sense of urgency can help alleviate some of the stress you feel.

The sooner you become a calm, strong presence for your girlfriend, the more it will help her. She is probably just as worried or stressed as you are! 

Before you make any decisions, the best first step is to take a reliable pregnancy test to confirm the pregnancy. 

Our center offers lab-quality pregnancy tests, and we can also help your girlfriend track the best time to take the test based on how many days it has been since her last period. 

How Much Does an Abortion For My Girlfriend Cost?

The cost of an abortion varies. It is determined by how far along the pregnancy is (an ultrasound will confirm this), the type of procedure, and where the abortion is performed.

It’s essential to keep in mind that in Florida, abortion is legal up to 15 weeks of gestational age. 

If your girlfriend is less than ten weeks along, she is potentially eligible for a medication abortion. Without insurance, the procedure can cost up to $500

If she is later, she may require a surgical abortion which can be more expensive, up to several thousand dollars.

Where Can We Get No-Cost Pregnancy Health Insurance?

Your girlfriend might be eligible for Medicaid insurance, depending on her income. Visit the link to determine her eligibility for free healthcare coverage during her pregnancy.

Schedule an Appointment

Your girlfriend can schedule an appointment at our center. She will get you a no-cost pregnancy test, ultrasound, and a safe space to discuss the results and learn about local resources.

You can also make an appointment, to speak to a male counselor, to learn about the different options available. 

We are here to assist and support you and your girlfriend on this journey. Contact us today!

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