Am I ready to be a parent?

You may not be sure if you want to parent your baby, or perhaps you don’t think parenting is a possibility for you. At Pregnancy Options Miami, we encourage you to take the time and consider parenting as an option because there may be a simpler solution to some of your worries than you might realize. Many people who want to parent have questions or concerns about:

  • Single parenting
  • Co-parenting
  • Marriage
  • Continuing their education
  • Whether they’re old enough to parent
  • Parenting without an emotional support system
  • Financial stability

At Pregnancy Options Miami, we can take the necessary time to address your questions and concerns, as well as point you to the resources you need to be a successful parent, if that is the option you choose.

Free Parenting Education

We offer free parenting education and resources at our pregnancy center for anyone who wants to participate. These classes cover a variety of topics from what to expect during pregnancy to childbirth and infant care and safety, as well as education on topics for further down the road like loving discipline. If you’re interested in joining our parenting education program, contact us today.

Earn While You Learn

We offer Earn While You Learn as a resource to parents who are concerned about the financial investment involved with raising a child. This program allows you to earn credits for your participation in the parenting classes that can be used for purchasing maternity and baby items at our center. Items available often include maternity clothes, diapers, baby clothes, toys, and much more.

Pregnancy Options Miami offers free resources to women and families who are facing unexpected pregnancies. If you’d like to learn more about your option to parent or enroll in our free parenting classes and Earn While You Learn program, contact us today.

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