Like every woman, every adoption experience is unique. Finding an adoption coordinator who has your best interests at heart is critical.

You need to be supported both physically and mentally. In Florida, you can receive assistance for pregnancy-related expenses. Choose an adoption agency that knows Florida’s adoption law.

What Does it Mean to Create a Parenting Plan for My Child?

Adoption is the legal transfer of parental rights and responsibilities from the biological parents to the adoptive parents. It is not co-parenting. The birth parents or child’s legal guardian gives permission for the child to be adopted. The permission is known as Consent to Adopt.

After the child is born, the birth mother has a 48-hour waiting period before she can sign the Consent to Adopt. It is a final agreement, once signed.

If the child is over six months old when the birth mother signs the consent, she has three business days to withdraw her consent.

She can make all the decisions. She can choose the potential adoptive parents, the type of adoption plan she likes, and the future she wants to give her child.

Do I Have to Pay to Place My Child for Adoption?

A reputable, licensed adoption agency or attorney should never charge you to use their services.

What Pregnancy-Related Expenses Can I Receive?

The expectant woman or birth mother never receives direct payment for making an adoption plan for her child. It is illegal to trade a child for money.

An adoption agency or attorney cannot provide payment for the birth mother’s consent to adopt.

However, the adoptive parents can pay certain expenses related to the health and welfare of the mother and baby.

The following are examples of some of the expenses that the adoptive parents might pay:

  • Reasonable and necessary medical costs if uninsured. These expenses include prenatal, childbirth, and postpartum care for six weeks after giving birth.
  • Legal costs
  • Rent
  • Food
  • Utilities
  • Basic cell phone
  • Maternity clothing
  • Transportation to and from doctor’s appointments or the hospital

The agency or attorney must fully document all payments. Certain expenses require court approval before payment.

How Can Pregnancy Options Miami Assist Me?

We cannot place your child for adoption, but we can make referrals to reputable, licensed agencies and attorneys in our area. Adoption is a challenging, loving, hard, and selfless decision all at once.

Set up a no-cost appointment to discuss your situation and adoption. This is a big decision, and you shouldn’t have to make it alone. We’re here to support you no matter what you choose.

Make an appointment today.

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