Deciding to make an adoption plan is not just about finding a home for your child. It’s about choosing to place your child in a loving, secure environment. Once you’ve made this decision, the next step is to find the best family for your baby.

This can seem overwhelming, but keep reading or contact us today to learn how to feel confident in your choice.

Make a List of Priorities

Make a list of characteristics you’d like the family to have. For example, does it matter to you if the family is the same race as your baby? What about if they have any other children?

Go through the list multiple times. Once you are done with characteristics, make another list of more non-tangible items, like character traits such as integrity, honesty, patience, etc.

Review Couple Profiles

You will have access to a database of eligible parents and can review their profiles, which you can compare to your list of prioritized characteristics and sort into “yes” or “no” piles. You can also create a “maybe” pile if you’re undecided.

Make Your Decision

Pay attention to the connection you feel when meeting and having a match meeting with a family – in-person or virtually on Zoom. Your instincts will play a big part in choosing the right family for your child, so notice what they say, what you observe, and what you just sense.

After the match meeting and your final decision, start building a relationship with the chosen family. This could include inviting them to doctor’s appointments, getting to know them while accompanied by your own family, or just keeping in touch throughout the pregnancy; building a relationship with them can help make the adoption process more seamless.

Finding Support

At Pregnancy Options Miami, we can help connect you to reputable adoption agencies that can empower and equip you throughout the adoption process.

We also provide no-cost services such as pregnancy testing and ultrasounds, which can give you valuable information about your pregnancy, such as the viability and gestational age.

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