Even if you’re sexually active and responsibly use contraception, unplanned pregnancies still happen. Millions of women experience this every year, so you are not alone! 

If you’re unsure what the next steps to take are after failed birth control, read this article for steps to protect your health and gather information to make the best decision for your reproductive health. 

Take a Pregnancy Test 

Don’t just rely on common pregnancy symptoms! This can be misleading since they can be very similar to PMS symptoms.

Pregnancy tests can be purchased at a local pharmacy and are considered highly reliable. At Pregnancy Options Miami, we also offer lab-quality pregnancy tests. 

If you’re unsure when is the best time to take a pregnancy test, we can also help you calculate based on your last period. Timing matters because taking the test too early is possible, and you may get a false negative.

Schedule an Ultrasound

Once you’ve confirmed the pregnancy test, the next screening you’ll want to take is an ultrasound. It’s essential to get this procedure before making a final pregnancy plan because ultrasound provides the following information: 

  • The location of your pregnancy. If your pregnancy has been implanted outside the uterus, you may have an ectopic pregnancy. In this situation, seeking immediate medical help at an emergency room is typically advised.
  • The gestational age. This is determined by measuring the dimensions of the pregnancy. Gestational age is an important factor in your decision-making process since it can determine which procedures you are eligible for. 
  • The viability of your pregnancy. If a heartbeat cannot be detected, you may experience a natural miscarriage. About 20% of pregnancies at this stage end on their own.  

At Pregnancy Options Miami, we offer no cost ultrasounds as well as options consultations, which allows you to gather more information, ask questions, and learn about local resources for women facing unplanned pregnancies.

Make an Informed Decision

Even if you didn’t plan to get pregnant, you still have hope. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or uncertain, those feelings are perfectly normal, but you don’t have to walk this journey alone!

At Pregnancy Options Miami, we help you process, share information and resources, and provide practical services such as no cost pregnancy tests and ultrasounds. Contact us today to make a confidential appointment!

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