Signs of incomplete abortion are normally easy to spot, as there are major symptoms that can cause severe pain. Some signs of an incomplete abortion include heavy vaginal bleeding, lower abdominal pain, or pelvic pain. 

Keep reading to learn more about what else to look out for if you think you may be experiencing an incomplete abortion. This is one of the many abortion risks. It’s vital to your health to monitor for symptoms and receive medical attention if necessary.

What is Incomplete Abortion?

An incomplete abortion can happen after either a medical or surgical abortion, when the pregnancy has not fully been removed from the uterus and pregnancy tissue still remains in the womb. Get help from a medical professional right away if you have any of these symptoms after an abortion:

  • Moderate to severe vaginal bleeding (saturating more than one pad an hour)
  • Lower abdominal and/or pain 
  • Pain in the back, buttocks, genitalia, and perineum 
  • Passing blood clots
  • A fever

Other Risks of Abortion

Incomplete abortion is just one of the many risks of abortion. Some other potential risks of medical abortion are infection, fever, or heavy/prolonged bleeding. Other possible risks of surgical abortion are damage to the cervix, scar tissue on the uterine wall, or infection.

What Should I Do Next?

If you are still wondering whether or not you should seek medical attention, we advise you to do so. It’s always better to check in with a doctor if experiencing side effects of abortion that you aren’t sure about. Share your symptoms and concerns with them to know how to move forward. 

Free & Confidential Care

If you are considering abortion and need more information, we can help educate you about the different types of procedures and the risks. If you have already gone through an abortion and need help with the emotional healing process, we are here for you.

Contact us today to set up a free and confidential appointment to talk about your pregnancy options or receive support after an abortion.

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